We are committed to unprecedented hospitality
  • Why RIMC?
    RIMC is a leading hotel management and consulting firm. Acclaimed hotelier Gert Prantner established RIMC International Hotel, Resort Management and Consulting GmBH in 1990 in Hamburg, Germany. The company has positioned itself strategically in the hospitality industry with a unique business model.
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  • The way we operate
    Our activities and operations are concentrated around relevant capitalized value. RIMC offers operational management services for hotels, resorts and serviced apartments. As the operators of hospitality ventures, we keep in mind the quality of services delivered.
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  • Benefits of third party operator
    Considering the competitiveness in the market scenario, investors and owners prefer third party operators to counter the challenges. Partnering with RIMC allows the owners to liaise with hotel brands on a global level. This culminates in a considerably improved brand value of the property enjoying a higher market share.
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